bevel diagramThis siding/decking calculator is designed to help you determine the approximate amount of siding or decking you will need for your project. For an accurate measurement, please send us a set of plans or request that one of our sales representatives take a field measurement for your project.

To determining the amount of square footage for siding, please make sure you deduct windows and doors from the surface area in question.

Please note that the term “exposure” is used to identify the portion of the siding that is actually “exposed to the weather.” For example, it is recommended that bevel siding needs to be lapped at least one inch over the underlying board. Consequently the recommended “exposed” portion of bevel siding is normally one inch less that it’s actual width (see diagram).

Similarly, shakes and shingles may be overlapped to differing degrees so that total exposure is increased or decreased. Since T&G and Pattern siding are designed to interlock they afford no such flexibility.

* With the exception of decking, shingles and tongue and groove siding these calculations include a 5% waste factor.

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