The Lakeside Story

Celebrating our 86th year in business

Family run for 3 generations.

A company built with strong roots.

Lakeside Lumber has been supplying folks with the best building materials and supporting their community for 86 years. In our Tualatin headquarters, you'll find Ernie's original apron hung on the wall as a daily reminder of our foundation. Hard work, innovation, and strong relationships are what Lakeside is all about.

Our history

It all began in 1937, but a lot has happened since then. Scroll down and see the story unfold.
Lakeside Lumber opens in Lake Oswego. Otto Jacobsen, a Danish immigrant, becomes the very first employee.

This was the start of the family legacy at Lakeside. Alongside Otto, his son Ernie would start working at Lakeside while he was in high school.  Originally, Lakeside was a hardware and material store. Except for Ernie's service in the Navy in WWII, Lakeside Lumber would be the only place he would ever work.

Sepia-tone image of man working at the saw mill in 1937.
Ernie and his wife, JoAnn, become majority shareholders of Lakeside Lumber.

Ernie worked long and hard at Lakeside and rather than getting paid overtime for his extra hours, he wisely accepted stock in the company. In addition to raising their two children, Ernie and Joann devoted their savings to buying more shares in Lakeside. Ultimately, they became the proud owners of the company they loved.

Man driving forklift carrying stack of lumber.
Ernie becomes President and repositions the company to prioritize siding and decking.

Ernie wasted no time at the helm realizing the vision he had for the company. After nearly forty years at a location in downtown Lake Oswego, he boldly moved the firm west to a spot on Boones Ferry Road. He then focused the company as a siding and decking provider, leaving the general hardware business behind.

Aeriel view of the old Lakeside Lumber location.
The first annual Ernie's Open golf tournament.

A few years before he passed away in 2000, members of the Portland Home Builders Association honored Ernie and his deep legacy by launching an annual golf tournament aptly named “Ernie’s Open.” The tradition of Ernie’s Open is still going strong with well over 100 golfers making the yearly trek to Las Vegas as a tribute to Ernie’s memory and the impact he had on the building community.

3 men at a golf course.
Lakeside overcomes large warehouse fire.

In August of 1997, one of Lakeside’s warehouses burned to the ground destroying nearly 1 million feet of imported cedar. Despite this, Ernie was optimistic and opened for business the next day. He was quoted in the Oregonian saying, “You’ve got to do what you can to get back into business. There are 24 people working here. They need these jobs.”

Newspaper clipping showing Lakeside fire in 1997.
Ernie transfers ownership to the 3rd generation of Jacobsens.

By 1999, Ernie transferred complete control of Lakeside Lumber to the third Jacobsen generation. It was at this time that Kevin redesigned the Lakeside logo to what you see today. The three cedar trees represent the three generations involved with the growth of the company.

Man in office working at his desk.
Kevin moves the company to a new 70,000 square foot modern building in Tualatin.

Just like his father, Kevin had an instinct for when it was time to make a strategic change. He moved Lakeside to a bigger and better location just down the road in Tualatin. The new facility he built from the ground up features a large customer showroom and dramatically expanded warehouse space for inventory.

Full exterior front view of Lakeside Lumber in Tualatin.
A promising future built by the growing Lakeside family

Today, you'll still find the work ethic and spirit that started with Otto and Ernie and has continued with Kevin's leadership. The company employs 71 talented individuals who make it their mission to continue the success of the Lakeside story.

Stacked racks of lumber in a warehouse with a ladder.
Meet our team

The Lakeside family

Kevin Jacobsen

Owner & President

Teresa Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Zach Royall

Sales Manager

Alex Wert

Operations Manager

Rita Smay

HR Manager

Devin Grieve

Purchasing Product Manager

Steve Woods

Outside Sales

Tom Mann

Outside Sales

Mike Martus

Outside Sales

Martin Wilson

Outside Sales

Sean Wisniewski

Outside Sales

Bruce Rott

Outside Sales

Jeremy Wood

Outside Sales

Craig Hall

Outside Sales

Murray Faber

Inside Sales

Marty Goldader

Inside Sales

Cruz Alvarez

Inside Sales / Bilingual (Spanish)

Chad Nishioka

Inside Sales

James Selleck

Inside Sales

Al Washington

Inside Sales

Tuan Tran

Inside Sales

Amanda Duncan

Accounts Receivable

Matt Dwyer

Receiving & Inventory Specialist

Brooks Miller

Accounting Manager

Kevin Kell


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