Improve your wood product performance by pre-priming your materials. We have a specially formulated primer and a process we’ve perfected over the years to help your products last.
Close up of pre-primed wood boards
The Lakeside priming process

For 20+ years we've been priming our products for customers

It's a process we've been doing for several decades. With our factory-grade in-house priming machine we are able to prime your wood materials prior to pick-up. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your materials.
Wood products in the warehouse

You select your wood materials

There are a lot of options out there. The first step is selecting what you want. We’re here to help!
Close up of priming machine

A perfectly primed coat on every board

Our team feeds each board individually into the priming machine where it is coated evenly on all sides with a factory-finish.
Siding panel with primer

Once it dries your materials are prepped and ready

After being coated with primer, we stack the lumber on drying racks. Once it’s completely dry, we coordinate pick up or delivery of your materials with you.
Primed wood boards on rackEmployees loading priming machine with wood
The Lakeside factory primer

Specially formulated for premium protection

The Lakeside Lumber Flood Coating Primer Process completely covers each side and ends with a Rodda Paint alkyd rich exterior primer resulting in years of maintenance-free worries.  We can even prime the nails for a complete and perfect job.  The result -  primed material ready for your project.

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Stain and mildew resistant. Provides a top-coat friendly primed base.
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100% acrylic exterior paint
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Exceptional adhesion
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Lakeside Primer includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty when Cover Coat XL or Ultimate II is applied on top of Lakeside Primer
A word from the Rodda expert

Our partners in prime - Rodda Paint Company

For almost three decades I have worked with Lakeside Lumber as their primer and stain supplier.  The quality of the cedar siding and decking materials that Lakeside Lumber carries are the very best in the market and quality wood equals superior longevity for your home or business.  

Paul Steeber
Senior Coatings Representative at Rodda Paint

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