Any natural decking product is subject to variations in color and grain as each board of even the same species is unique. Consequently these photos are designed to afford the viewer a basic understanding of sometimes very subtle differences between the hardwood products available at Lakeside Lumber.

Dark-Red-Meranti-Close-Up-1000 Dark Red Meranti

(Shorea ssp) aka Lauan and Philippine Mahogany is a 100% clear grade hardwood that is native to Southeast Asia. Despite its name, this wood is actually more brown in color.

Fijian-Mahogany-Close-Up-1000 Fijian Mahogany

(Swietenia macrophylla) Heartwood reddish, pinkish, salmon colored, or yellowish when fresh; deepening with age to deep rich red or brown; distinct from the yellowish or whitish sapwood. Luster high and golden; texture rather fine to coarse; grain straight to roey, wavy, or curly.

IPE Deck Board Ipe

(Tabebuia spp.) aka Brazilian Walnut, and Lapacho originate from Central and South America, and have natural properties that make it the toughest and longest lasting materials available. It has an extremely dense and tight grain, which can be wavy and straight. The color tends to be a rich brown with amber and red hues.

Kekatong-Clpse-Up-1000 Kekatong

(Cynometra iripa) Heartwood dark red. Sapwood lighter colored and not well defined. Corewood brown-black or chocolate. Surface not lustrous. Texture moderately fine and even. Grain spiral or shallowly interlocked.

Red Balau Deck Board Red Balau

(Shorea guiso) aka Red selangan, Red selangan batu, Guij, Balau merah, Membatu. The Balau group of Shorea spp. are found on the Malay Peninsula, Indochina, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Most of the species are reported to be found in the forests of Borneo, Sumatra, and the Malay Peninsula. Dark red in color.

Yellow Balau Deck Board Yellow Balau

(Shorea Laevis, Shorea Glauca or Shorea spp.) aka Golden Balau, Bangkirai is a dense exotic hardwood known for its strength and durability. It is found in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Phillipines. It is known for its yellow brown color with a reddish tinge weathering to a deeper shade of a reddish dark brown.