Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for Northwest homes. It offers a timeless compliment to any architectural style from traditional to contemporary style homes. We sell both clear and tight knot Western Red Cedar bevel.

Western Red Cedar clear bevel has a number of grades and Lakeside features Clear Vertical Grain, A and D grade and Tight Knot bevel siding.

Nominal Sizes

  • 1/2 x 4 Clear and Finger Joint
    1/2 x 6 Clear and Finger Joint
    1/2 x 8 Clear and Finger Joint
    3/4 x 8 Clear and Finger Joint
    3/4 x 10 Clear and Finger Joint
    3 /4 x 12 Clear
  • 11/16 x 6 Tight Knot
    11/16 x 8 Tight Knot
    11/16 x 10 Tight Knot
    15/16 x 10 Tight Knot
    15/16 x 10 Tight Knot Skirl
    15/16 x 12 Tight Knot
    15/16 x 12 Tight Knot Skirl

Clear V.G. Heart

Western Red Cedar Clear Vertical Grain BevelThis is the highest bevel siding grade. All Clear V.G. Heart grade is sawn vertical grain (edge grain) and is kiln dried. Pieces have a smooth face of decay-resistant heartwood and are free from growth characteristics that affect appearance or performance. Pieces have excellent dimensional stability and hold finishes exceptionally well.

Available solid wood or finger-joined.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 201a
WCLIB 106-aa
WWPA 21.11

A Clear

This is a fine appearance grade that allows only slightly more growth characteristics than Clear Heart. Pieces are of mixed grain. These mixed grain (vertical and flat) pieces are graded from the surfaced face.

Typically sold with a percentage of B grade (NLGA 201C/WCLIB 106b/WWPA 21.13)

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 201b / 201c
WCLIB 106-a
WWPA 21.12

Common specifications are A and Better and A and Better with a percentage of B Clear allowed

D & Btr

Lakeside Lumber also carries D & Btr grade, which is the most affordable grade of clear Western Red Cedar. Consequently, D & Brt will require more job site trimming than higher grades of clear Western Red Cedar.

Select Knotty *

Western Red Cedar Tight Knot BevelKnots and other natural features define the visual character of knotty sidings. In Select Knotty grade, knots are sound and tight. Available rough or dressed, kiln-dried or unseasoned and smooth or saw textured.

Common specifications are Select Knotty with a percentage of Quality Knotty allowed.

Grading Rule Paragraph
NLGA 205a
WCLIB 111-e

Reference Western Red Cedar Lumber Association website:
See “Grades”